More than 51,000 house fires occur annually in the United States, many caused by electrical mishaps. If you ignore electrical problems you’re risking injuries to your loved ones and damage to your property. Learn the signs of electrical problems in your home and take action before a minor issue causes a dangerous situation.

Common Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

If the outlets feel warm to the touch, they’re getting too hot. Don’t use the outlet and call an electrician to address the problem.

Any strange smell coming from your electrical outlets is a cause for concern, especially if it smells like something is burning. A warm, chemical-like smell indicates that the plastic protecting the wiring is overheating and melting.

Are the lights flickering in the house? Do you notice a humming or buzzing sound coming from the outlets? Each of these issues should be addressed promptly. Flickering lights indicate a short in the wiring while a buzzing sound may be a sign that your outlet or wall switch is failing.

What to Do if You Notice Electrical Issues

Discontinue use of the electrical component causing concern. Call an electrician if you notice any of the problems listed above. Electricians have the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to address these issues safely and effectively.

Don’t Ignore Electrical Problems

Although some electrical problems are more dangerous than others, they all should be taken seriously and addressed by an expert at once. Don’t ignore signs of trouble. Delaying electrical repairs only increases your risk of an electrical fire. Keep your family and home safe from fire by learning to recognize the signs of an electrical issue and calling a professional swiftly.

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