There are some home maintenance chores you can safely delay until a later date. However, there are other maintenance issues you simply can’t ignore for very long without risking serious damage to your house. Here are some of the items you should address as soon as possible.

Fix Your Plumbing Problems

Don’t let plumbing leaks go unattended. Otherwise, you’ll waste money and might have serious water damage issues in the future. Call in a plumber when you see a leak. Get your home inspected regularly to spot hidden leaks. You should fix water leaks immediately because long-term leaks can cause structural damage and mold, both of which are costly to fix.

Fix Kitchen and Bathroom Caulking Issues

One of the easiest home maintenance chores to keep up with is caulking. Caulking protects against water damage in your kitchen and bathrooms. It prevents water from getting into the areas behind your sinks, showers, and tubs. Mold and rot may develop if your caulking gets old and deteriorated, allowing water to seep into your drywall. Re-caulk any areas that need it to help prevent damage to your floors or drywall.

Check for Pest Infestations

Check for pest infestations on a regular basis. Termites, for example, can cause serious damage to your home. A termite infestation often results in thousands of dollars of structural damage and is rarely covered by homeowners insurance. Have a professional inspect and treat for termites annually. Also, pay attention to signs of other insects and pests in your home.

Home Maintenance Chores for Your Outdoor Deck Areas

You should seal your outdoor deck once per year. This work is inexpensive to perform and will make your deck last longer. Failing to seal the deck regularly will cause it to rot and deteriorate. Staining and sealing the deck usually costs under $100 and helps prevent major repairs later.

Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

Failing to inspect and fix gutter and roof issues often results in water damage. Gutters that can no longer perform their job allow water to damage your foundation, siding, and shingles. Clogged gutters should be cleared out at least twice a year.

Fix roof issues as soon as you notice them. Inspect all roof openings. This includes skylights, exhaust flues, and chimneys. Go up into the attic and give your joists and roof beams a good look. If you see any water stains, then you have leaks that should be fixed immediately. Also, if you see sunlight coming through, this means water can get through too.

Exterior Paint Home Maintenance Chores

Your home’s exterior paint serves more than an aesthetic purpose; it also protects the siding against water damage. Inspect for any signs of peeled, flaked, or cracked paint. You can probably repaint areas like trim around the windows and doors yourself. Call in a professional when it’s time to repaint the entire home.

Important home maintenance chores shouldn’t be overwhelming. Write down when each of the above tasks is completed and schedule the next time it’s due on your calendar. This makes it easier to complete home maintenance chores on time.

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