Selling your home is a significant matter that will impact your finances and your lifestyle. Because of this, it’s best to leave nothing to chance. Many sellers assume that they know about every defect on their property because they’ve been living in the home for years. However, without a third-party professional inspection, you can never be sure. When you order a pre-listing home inspection, you will have the information that you need to prepare for the sales process ahead of you.

What You Can Learn When You Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

With a pre-listing home inspection, you will learn everything about your home that the buyer likely will learn through his or her own inspection.

A home inspection includes a thorough review of the plumbing and electrical features, the foundation, the roof, and many other components. By having this valuable information upfront, you can use it strategically to enjoy a smoother sales process from start to finish.

1. Address Serious Problems Before Listing

Some buyers will negotiate with you to make repairs before closing, but serious problems can drive buyers away. Furthermore, these issues may cause your property to sit on the market for a long time, which makes the home even less appealing to a potential buyer. By learning about serious issues up front, you can correct them before they negatively affect a sale.

2. Avoid Unexpected Surprises

Because buyers usually order their own home inspection, you should assume that they will learn about your home’s true condition. In many cases, a buyer will learn about issues unknown to the seller. This can result in negotiations and delays in the sales process and create financial stress for the seller.

3. Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers

Another reason to order a pre-listing home inspection is to use it as a selling point. Buyers may be attracted to your home because of its layout, location, and features, but they are also interested in its condition.

The typical sales process starts with the buyer making an offer and then ordering an inspection during the contingency period. When you’re transparent by providing a copy of the pre-listing inspection report upfront, you give the buyer a sense of confidence, which may result in a better offer.

4. Manage Your Finances Better When You Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Before listing your home, you probably crunched numbers to determine your profit from the sale. You might even be relying on this money to pay for your new mortgage. Serious issues can cost thousands of dollars to repair and could result in the buyer negotiating for a lower sales price. With a pre-listing inspection, you can have a better idea of these numbers from the beginning.

While there is a cost to order a pre-listing home inspection, this cost is negligible compared to the benefits that you will enjoy. Give yourself enough time to act on the results of the pre-listing home inspection before listing the property for sale.

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