Many people are working from home more out of office space in the house. Here are some ideas to help you organize your home office so that it stays neat and tidy.

Organize Your Home Office to be More Productive

A messy space makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for. You may start to feel overwhelmed by papers, desktop clutter, and drawers of random office supplies. Take the time to organize your office and you’ll be more productive and at ease in the space.

One Space at a Time

If organizing the entire office seems like a task that is too large to handle, tackle it one small area at a time. Make a plan to clean the entire space, but start with organizing only the bookshelf, a single desk drawer, or just the filing cabinet.

Breaking it up into smaller segments allows you to make progress and see results without feeling overwhelmed by the task.

Clear it Out

Anytime you’re reorganizing, it’s best to completely clear the space. Whether you’re organizing a single desk drawer or an entire room, removing everything first gives you a clean slate.

To get started organizing the filing cabinet, take all the files out of the drawers. Clean the filing cabinet once it’s empty, then begin sorting the file folders by categorizing them on the floor or on your desk.

When you’re tackling the desk, first clear off the desktop. Clean the area and then sort things into piles. Anything that you don’t use daily should be stored elsewhere. If you don’t use the stapler, there is no reason it should take up desk space; store it in a drawer. Keeping the top of your desk clean will boost productivity and create a more pleasant work environment.

Focus on the Purpose of the Space

As you tidy the office, you may find things that belong elsewhere in the house. Maybe your breakfast dishes are cluttering the desk or your children often leave toys or books behind when they come into the office during the day.

Grab a cardboard box and use it to gather any items that aren’t office materials. Keeping things that aren’t work-related out of your space reduces clutter and will help you focus.

Organize Your Home Office with These Tricks

To get organized and stay organized, here are a few tips to fine-tune your home office:

  • Get rid of the paperwork. Unpaid bills, documents that need to be filed, office memos, and random sticky notes will quickly clutter a workspace. Make a point to move paper through as quickly as possible. Switch to online billing so you can reduce clutter from bills piling up. If a document is destined for the filing cabinet, first make sure you actually need to hold on to that paperwork. If so, file it away immediately. Sticky notes act as to-do lists and event reminders. When the project is done or the date has passed, toss the note in the trash.
  • Find or make a place for everything. Determine what you need to do your work and look for storage solutions for those items. If sticky notes are an essential item, keep extra stored in your desk drawer. Make space for things you use every day. If you never use rubber bands at work, don’t keep them in your desk drawer.
  • Labels are a great tool for staying organized. Use labels to mark bins, drawers, and boxes so it’s always clear what is stored there. Labels will also help you stay organized because you have a reminder of where to return things.
  • If your home office also doubles as the guest bedroom, use furniture that is on wheels. Many people, when shifting to a temporary work-from-home situation, make use of whatever extra space is available in the house. If you purchase a wheeled desk, filing cabinet, and printer cart, you can simply roll the office to the living room or kitchen if you have guests over.

These tips will help you get your home office in order. In a well-organized space, you’ll enjoy your work while being more creative and productive.

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