When you have a home designed and built, you expect it to be perfect. There is no wear and tear from previous owners. The materials and appliances are those you selected. You may think that with a brand new home, an inspection isn’t necessary. However, there are several reasons for you to order a home inspection on new construction.

You Don’t Know the Quality of the Finished Work

With any construction project, there is a contractor who hires out jobs to subcontractors. Subcontractors have a crew of employees who complete the work. Your builder probably hired separate teams for laying the foundation, framing the house, connecting the plumbing, hanging sheetrock, and installing roofing. It is difficult for the builder to oversee everyone in their work, so problems may be missed.

A home inspection on new construction checks for flawed construction practices and defective materials. The inspector will examine each component of your new home and help you understand the condition of the materials and systems.

With a Home Inspection on New Construction, You Can Request Repairs to be Made Before Move-In

If you discover issues after moving into a home, you will be inconvenienced by repair crews and construction activity in your living spaces. When you order a home inspection, the inspector will note any defects, safety concerns, and other issues so you can have the repair work done before you occupy the home.

Protect Your Investment When You Order a Home Inspection on New Construction

You’re excited to move into your new house and probably are not thinking forward to the future when you may choose to sell. However, ordering a home inspection on new construction will help you prepare for that sale. When you put your home on the market, the buyer will request a home inspection. Any problems that have been present since the original build will come to light. Those issues could affect the price the buyer is willing to pay or even cause a buyer to walk away from the contract altogether.

Know that your new home is well-built and safe with a home inspection on new construction. The inspector’s report will include a list of any defects found. If no issues are discovered, you will move into your home with peace of mind, knowing the property was assessed by a professional.

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