The process of moving to a new home is complicated. You have to take care of all the steps involved with leaving your old place, like getting your damage deposit refunded or closing on the sale to a new owner. You also need to get all your things packed, transported, and unloaded at the new house, but there is one more big step you can’t forget. You need to remember to set up utilities in a new house so that you aren’t moving in the dark. Here are four things you need to do.

Be Prepared to Pay a Deposit

Many utilities will require a deposit before they’ll set up utilities in a new house. They may hold it in a refundable account in case you move later, or they may simply consider it a fee for the service trip made by their activation crew. In either case, you’ll have to pay it before they’ll activate the utility.

It’s worth noting that both of these steps may be waived if you had service with them at your previous address, in which case you are transferring service and not establishing a new service.

Have Permits Ready When You Set Up Utilities in a New House

One of the biggest obstacles you may find when you set up utilities in a newly-built house is having permission from your city or county to do so. If your home has not been authorized for connection after an inspection, the utility company will not set it up.

Make sure that your electrical inspection sticker is present and legible. Check that it is a permit for final occupancy, not a permit that allows temporary use. Verify that any licenses or permits issued by your local government are available for your utility providers.

Know What You Want

With electricity and water, you don’t need to make choices. However, other utilities have a variety of options available with their service. Internet providers may offer different speeds at different prices. Cable TV companies have varying packages. You need to know which options you want before they schedule to set up utilities in a new house for you.

Any of the steps involved with moving, like handling the financial transactions, moving all your belongings, and getting used to a new place, can be overwhelming. It is also important that you are prepared to set up utilities in a new house. With these simple steps taken care of, you’ll be able to make your new home functional as quickly as possible.

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