Your kitchen is the most frequently used room in the house. It can sometimes feel like a struggle to keep it clean and organized. Here are some ideas for storage in the kitchen to keep this room functional and clutter-free.

Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

Storage doesn’t have to be expensive. Get creative with items you probably already have on hand to expand the storage options in the kitchen.


Baskets are attractive and functional for keeping items organized. Choose baskets to display on top of your cabinets. These can hold infrequently used items such as seasonal table decor, candlesticks, cloth napkins and tablecloths, and kitchen gadgets you don’t need every day. You can also use baskets inside the cabinets to hold pot lids and smaller bakeware, or in the pantry to store food products.

Re-Purpose Magazine Holders

Plastic or metal magazine holders can be used for kitchen storage. Attach a magazine holder inside a cabinet door to hold cookbooks or cutting boards. You can also use these slim organizers in your freezer. Lay them on their sides to create stackable shelves to store frozen foods.

Shoeboxes are Useful Ideas for Kitchen Storage

Some other storage solutions you may have around the house are shoeboxes. Whether you keep the original paperboard boxes or use plastic shoe boxes, these containers will come in handy in your kitchen. Small boxes with lids are great for storing produce, packages of microwave popcorn, or boxes of pasta. Because shoeboxes have lids, they are easy to stack and can be used almost anywhere in the kitchen.

Shop for Kitchen Storage Solutions

Your local home improvement store will have endless options for storage that you can use for your kitchen. Find options that work for you and make your space more functional.

Drawer Organizers are Great Ideas for Storage in the Kitchen

Drawer organizers create a space for flatware and kitchen utensils. Having a place for everything will help you keep your kitchen organized. You’ll know where to find measuring cups, a cheese grater, and a wine tool anytime you need it.


If you have unused wall space, install a sheet of pegboard to use as storage in your kitchen. Paint the pegboard to match your decor and purchase hooks, clips, baskets, and shelves. Your pegboard can be used to hang utensils, lids, and dish towels. Attach a spice rack to it to display jars of spices.

Organize Your Pots and Pans

There seems to be no easy way to organize pots and pans. Storing them under the cabinet makes it hard to grab the pan you need. Stacking and unstacking pots to find the right one is cumbersome and awkward. Use an organizer to store pans on their sides. Some of these roll out of the cabinet to permit easy access to your cookware. Another option for space-saving storage is an overhead rack for pots and pans. This keeps pots out of the way but within easy reach.

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