The siding on a house offers protection from the elements and influences the aesthetic. If you’re shopping for new siding, you’ll find that there are plenty of options. They differ in maintenance requirements, lifespan, and price. Here are 4 types of home siding that you might choose from.

Wooden Types of Home Siding

The natural beauty of wood is usually what attracts homeowners to this type of siding. Wood requires more upkeep than other options. It is susceptible to insects, warping, and rot. Unless treated, it is not fire-resistant. Wood siding requires regular painting and sealing to look its best. The life expectancy of wooden siding depends on how well it is maintained.

Vinyl Siding

The low cost of vinyl siding has made it a popular option for homeowners. Vinyl siding is available in many colors and different textures, sometimes resembling wood, stone, or brick. It’s easy to maintain and easy to install. Some homeowners don’t prefer the appearance of vinyl siding and it does need regular cleaning to look its best.

Aluminum Siding for the Home

Aluminum siding has the advantage that it can be recycled, so it is a more environmentally-friendly option. Aluminum is resistant to pests. It doesn’t appeal to termites or carpenter ants. Aluminum is also fire-resistant and won’t rust. The siding is lightweight and fairly easy to cut to size with the right tools, making installation simple.

Brick Veneer is One of the More Attractive Types of Home Siding Materials

Brick veneer siding is a layer of masonry that covers the home’s exterior. Unlike a brick-built home, veneer siding is not part of the home’s structure. Because of its weight, brick can be challenging to install, making it a pricier option for home siding. Brick veneer is known for its classic appearance and its durability. It is fire and insect-resistant and requires very little maintenance.

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